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If you're looking for an evening like a night out of an adventure movie, complete with romance and space themes then you're looking for mikO Tolliver and her monster KiTTiE PeRM - a Hipster, 90s influenced singer-songwriter and Indie – pop band. mikO is a California native who blends her musical influences of Bloc Party, Jamiroquai, David Bowie, and Everything but The Girl with scenes out of cult movies like "Barbarella" and "Labyrinth." Her music is a skeleton for guitar chords, synth riffs and rhythmic ambiance, a page in her coloring book she fills in differently every time with the help of her backing beat man DJ Lumba Jack.

Always a fan of lyrics and melodies, mikO began playing guitar at age 16. Spending late nights and weekends writing poems and obsessively listening to music, her music tastes were developed by working for a small indie music distribution company where she received free CDs and wrote reviews for up and coming artists like Skunk Anansie, Jamiroquai and Silverchair. Eventually her guitar skills developed and she started putting together jam sessions and small bands during her days as a student at Mills College, eventually being hired by the administration to entertain prospective students and other campus events.

After her college graduation, she starting interning for Deep House DJ Ruben Mancias and Devotion Records which later led to a position as a Music Analyst at Soundflavor Inc, San Francisco. Looking to expand her artistic ability, she began working as an art model, posing for famous painter Alicia DeBrincat and CNN featured body painter Trina Merry . The Great Recession of 2008 led to her beginning a career as a private guitar and piano instructor. During this time, she began giving lessons to Smashing Hearts members Dylan and Jaden Wiggins and Ali-Khan Lochin, a teenage band formerly known as Poplyfe who went on to become the 2011 Season 6 America's Got Talent Runners up. mikO also started her own after school music program ROCK STAR GUITAR ACADEMY , teaching children how to put together Rock Bands.

The money from the lessons helped to fund the recordings for her debut album “Heart is Money.” Starting in 2009, mikO spent 3 years recording all the instrumentation and developing her sound at the London Lab Studios with sound engineer Vinson “DJ Daris” Hudson. All her students and their families transitioned to fans and the music transitioned too. When mikO started in college, she was mostly a singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar. Moving from the solo-acoustic sound, she introduced electric guitar riffs, DJ programming and synthesized sounds into her recordings and live shows. Upon the release of her debut, she has played the House of Blues in L.A. and the 2012 Palm Springs Gay Pride Festival .In 2016, mikO released her sophomore album, Attack of The KiTTiE PeRM . This second album endeavor showcases an unguarded glimpse of mikO, puling back the purple curtain and bearing all.